"Everyone has the right to be happy without feeling guilty."


It’s never easy talking about your troubles and worries. Having that feeling of not being in control of your own life can be both scary and upsetting. Life changes so quickly sometimes and we just don’t have time to catch a breath and jump off that ‘hamster wheel’ to take stock of what's going on – it happens to everybody at some point, no matter what walk of life, background or social status we come from. By talking to a counsellor you will be able to take stock of your life and have those precious moments to open up and talk about whatever it is that’s dragging you down. Together, we will find a way to set yourself free and regain control whilst retaining the utmost confidentiality.

Counselling is an opportunity to meet with a qualified counsellor who accepts you for who you are and the feelings you are experiencing with no judgement or agenda. A counsellor does not give advise or tells you what you should or shouldn't do, neither is it a cure. Counselling does however help you find your inner self, help raise your self esteem, confidence and helps you overcome the inner battle you may be experiencing due to a multitude of reasons. I offer a safe, non-judgemental environment for you to explore anything that is causing you distress with no imposing values or beliefs. Counselling is YOUR time to explore YOUR issues at YOUR pace. Counselling can be very emotional, there may be tears, laughter, anger or confusion but these are all normal emotions that are better expressed, explored and worked through together safely in the counselling sessions.

Counselling has no set time limit, however I usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions before a real evaluation and decision is made as to whether counselling is helping you.

"The longest of Journeys begins with a single step."

Areas of counselling I deal with

•Affairs and betrayals
•Asperger's syndrome
•Borderline personality disorder
•Couples Counselling
•Cross cultural relationships
•Domestic violence
•Drug abuse
•Family issues
•Low self-confidence
•Low self-esteem
•Obsessive compulsive disorder
•Relationship issues
•Self harm
•Separation and divorce
•Suicidal thoughts
•Work related stress

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Expense can be a major factor as to whether you enter into counselling and with this in mind my fees per session are:
£35.00 for individual counselling
£50.00 for couples counselling
£65.00 for corporate/healthcare/insurance
Concessions are made for those on income support or teenagers seeking counselling.

10 am – 7pm Monday – Friday
Saturday mornings upon request & due to circumstance.